Counter Action with David Newton

Engage in Counter Action.

We work so hard to provide for ourselves and our families, why wouldn’t we invest in our wellness to be able to enjoy it in the here and now, and for our future?

Negative workday stress, the way we sit at our desks and our limited mobility all allow stress to accumulate within our bodies and minds. This longevity-based program is designed to combat and counteract these stressors, resulting in a healthier body, a happier mind and a more productive and harmonious team.

Contrary to what we may feel or hear, there is nothing wrong with our workday, but it is about what we do when we are not working, and also what we can do better or differently while we are working.

We have so many powerful tools available to help us enhance our mental health and wellness, including knowledge, practice and belief. Once we are made aware of what we can do, and the positive effects it can have on us, we can make better choices for ourselves.

I have created this radically different approach to awareness and body movement that will allow your team to increase their strength and mobility, expand on their functional abilities, improve their health and move closer to their own personal wellness goals, no matter the age or stage in life resulting in a happier, healthier and more productive work environment.

How fortunate are we to be able to have the opportunity to influence how well we live and work in our own bodies?

Uniquely, Counter Action, designed specifically for the corporate environment, does not use or refer to metrics – there is no movement pattern that must be done a certain number of times, and there is no mandated frequency on practice. The last thing anyone wants to learn at work is how to add to their list of daily requirements. It is an individual practice, even though it is taught in a group setting.

I teach and model a sequence of movements that can be done in comfortable clothing (no changing required) designed specifically for each person in attendance to be able to practice on their own, whenever and wherever they wish without hijacking their already busy day. Often the program is done on yoga mats, but can also be delivered in a board room or classroom setting.

My intention is to teach and inspire corporate teams to identify & correct issues before they become chronic, to learn proper body movement in order to navigate work life with more ease and less pain, to manage stress mindfully, and to be more efficient and effective in all activities.

I look forward to sharing my wisdom-based experience and having a profound impact on your team and culture.

Please be in touch with me directly to book Counter Action program. I offer sessions and clinics that range from 45 minutes to 3 hours.