The Akira Concept is a state of being … a way of life.

All programs are designed to connect us to foundational and natural movement patterns that guarantee an ongoing nourished and healthy, dynamic life. Physical and mental complacency as we go about our days is not an option. You will never move your body or engage your brain the same way again.
Please explore The Akira Concept Programs:

Future Proofing:
An intensive, yet gentle, immersive learning workshop teaching participants to work towards preventing breakdown, fortifying efforts in fitness and wellness, and investing in a healthier body and more powerful mind. You will never move the same way again.

Future Proofing Tune Up:
A one-on-one opportunity to review your Future Proofing program and to focus on optimizing all of the movement patterns as they apply to you personally.

Counter Action:
A proactive program designed to counteract and combat the effects of the workday on your body and mind, resulting in a more efficient and easier workday, a healthier mind and a happier body.

Benefit Workshops:
The Benefit Workshop concept was created to be able to offer Future Proofing or Counter Action foundations with no fees to participants in hopes of offering more people everywhere the opportunity to learn to move and move well.

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