Private sessions available in Yoga, Fitness and Wellness, Reiki (Human and Equine), and Therapeutic and Functional Movement Therapy.

Sessions are typically one hour and are one on one or done in a group setting. They are tailored to the individuals needs and can be relative to competitive or recreational goals. Focus can be anything from Cardiovascular and/or muscular strengthening and conditioning, program development (ongoing or on an as per need basis). Joint mobilization and functional movement based therapies, mindfulness based programs such as Reiki, Meditation, and yoga. Yoga programs can be designed for therapeutic and/or sport based as well as more tradtional type classes in Ashtanga and Hatha.

Sessions can be held in-house or in fitness centres. Outdoors weather permitting, and in the comfort and privacy of your living room.

I will share my over 30 years of knowledge drawn from a combination of extensive industry recognized studies, experiential knowledge and continuing studies.

Please be in touch with me directly to explore working together.