Kinetic: the energy of motion. The adjective is an expression of being active, lively, dynamic, energizing and of course, connected. All of this is foundational in the way that I teach, in the way that I learn, in the way that I move myself, and hopefully in the way I move those that I have the privilege of teaching.

My goal is to always provide kinetic learning opportunities – highly interactive experiences that challenge my students to be the best they can be, building on their own wellness foundations, reaching for their individualized goals. I make great efforts to emphasize to all those in my presence to not just know what, but to also understand how and why. It puts the learner in control, and I am simply the guide – ensuring a safe, functional, productive and entertaining workout or practice.

By learning effective skills, mindset and behaviours with positive reinforcement, those learning with me are given the opportunity to learn through experience in a safe environment without fear of failure, all while having a good time.

All of my classes and sessions are built on these foundations:

Safety: a safe environment is critical, as is safe movement – I take great pride in creating and ensuring the safety and well-being for all in every way possible

Education: I enjoy sharing more than just the exercises- context can make a huge difference

Motivation: from sharing lively energy to giving someone a reason to step it up

Aggravation: using triggers to encourage even more effort, so it has a very positive side – the more attention brought to the activity and the more connected one is, the more effective and enjoyable all will be

Alignment: creating and fostering alignment not just in body, but in mind, and in meeting one’s personal goals

Engagement:  personalized self-directed learning, even in group settings – based on the simple premise that people learn best by doing in a fun environment

Involvement:  always participatory – not just in the movements, but in the choice of movement and modifications as necessary – risk-controlled but challenging enough for one to acquire and demonstrate new or improved skills, strength, mindset and outcomes

Reinforcement: continuously repeat and build on knowledge and skills acquired

As you take on your own movement, I wish for you that you are not simply a passive recipient of information but become curious and actively seek to expand your knowledge and fully participate in your own wellness practices and goals. What will this result in? You will be empowered and will always put your best practice forward.

Learning is all about the journey. Begin where you are and continue…kinetically.