“David is passionate about fitness and the people he works with. He has expert knowledge, is totally engaged, and maybe most importantly makes workouts a learning experience, productive and fun.”

– Mark Greenfield

“Over the past couple of years, David Newton has changed me from someone who hated working out to a committed exerciser who visits the gym three or more times a week. David’s infectious positive energy makes every class an absolutely amazing experience, whether it is cracking jokes during group power, asking younger spinners if they know a song he is playing, or constantly walking around the room and helping everyone work out to the best of their ability in yoga.

Having moved to university at the beginning of September, I had to try spinning with a new teacher, and after that, I can confidently say that David’s rides are in a league of their own. He crafts a new one every three weeks, each containing a different focus and pattern. At the beginning of each ride, he outlines the focus and briefly tells us what we will be doing (leaving a few surprises sometimes). Each ride is both a body and mind workout, and David will always make sure you are completely focused and locked in to the ride.

David’s positive energy makes every workout a fun experience, and he always leaves me with a smile. David is both an exceptional teacher and exceptional person.”

-Ryan Storm

“The personal journey I took with David will have a lasting presence and my learnings will continue to influence future choices in fitness and well-being.”

– Chris Carew

“Occasionally I will try new classes and invariably I am drawn back to him because for me, David is different than anyone else I have ever worked out with. David knows his students and if you are new to his class, he knows and makes a point of ensuring that you are set up correctly, that you know what his instructions mean, and that you are part of the community he creates in each class.

David is acutely aware of each participant. He knows when your mind drifts and he gently draws you back reminding all of us that being present through breath, awareness and focus makes for not only a better workout, but a safer one as well.

Throughout his classes, David will share insights that he has learned as a lifelong athlete: connect to your breath, stay focused, engage your core, fitness comes from embracing discomfort, come from a place of non-judgement. Although these tidbits of advice are meant to increase the impact of a workout, when taken outside of the spin or yoga studio, they are also ways of being throughout your day and life.

I know that my learning from and subsequent relationship with David has made my life better and my gratitude toward him is eternal.”

-Deb Donsky

“For over twenty years, I have had the privilege of learning from David, and I continue to be amazed at his holistic approach to fitness and to wellness overall. His passion for training clients is evident in the time he takes to teach them whys and hows behind what he is asking them to do. He shares his extensive knowledge as a wellness professional as he explains the way things work. His calm, motivating and encouraging approach is sincere and genuine, and I am so fortunate to have worked with him.”

-Mark Attard

“After five personally transformational years, I am truly grateful for the first time I walked in to David’s indoor cycling class. From that day, I realized that connecting with this individual would help support my life journey and where I wanted to go, even though at the time, I wasn’t exactly sure where that was.

First as my Yoga Teacher and Fitness Instructor, and later as my Mentor, David always supported and believed in what I was capable of accomplishing. He saw my true potential and passion for teaching before I even came to the realization myself. He has provided me with consistent encouragement to do things I would never have considered, and without hesitation lends a compassionate ear, providing invaluable advice and advocating for what is in my best interest.

David speaks and teaches from a place of an incredible depth of knowledge and experience. He has an inexplainable spark, which supports his contagious drive, determination and enthusiasm, always encouraging you to put forth the best version of yourself…to grow, learn and improve.”

-Kimberly Ferguson-Mutch

“I have taken other yoga and cycling classes over the years, but David offers so much more. He helped me shift how I see my own mind, body and spirit. He is not only passionate about teaching cycling or about yoga, but also about life. With his positive attitude and energy, and his passion for the mental, spiritual and physical aspects, he always inspires me to be better, to do better, and to always be mindful about my health and how I treat my body. He has been a motivational force for me and has taught me good habits to a healthy and fit lifestyle. In my work and my busy life, I always go back to what David has taught me.

During class if we lose our focus or drift off, he brings us back by always reminding us to stay in the present moment. He has taught me to go inward and to focus on my breath. With his help, I have learned to push my body and go into the zone and go beyond the physical limitations I thought I had. I’ve attended other classes, but I always come back because nothing compares to his energy and his spirit.”

– Zore Ghods