Movement is everything, and even though I don’t spend much time seated at a desk, when I do, I am grateful for my CoreChair – this innovative, ergonomic, and therapeutic, desk chair actually can reduce back pain, improves posture, and strengthens the core. I highly recommend you trying this if you work at a desk. The new sitting is active sitting.

Those who have been in my morning classes over the years know that I used to start my days with coffee. Recently, removing caffeine from my routine and looking to connect and support my authentic energy, I was in search for a healthful warm drink. SugaVida’s organic turmeric latte mix has completely replaced my desire (and need) for coffee. It gives me the warmth and sustainable energy – it is blood sugar balancing and it also happens to be delicious.

Although I’m guilty of not knowing my way around the kitchen, I do know how to make healthy fast food choices. When I do not bring lunch or dinner from home, I rely on BIORAW. Each bowl is a complete and filling meal, rich in plant-based protein, fibre, and healthy fats providing the right fuel for my long days on the move. All ingredients are organic and the nutrient-rich meals are made by a wonderful Toronto-based company.

The Rock Store
Explore this Crystal store and Healing Centre on Harbord, it’s a favourite of mine in Toronto. The staff are kind and helpful, the selection of crystals and minerals, books, decks is wide, and the environment is warm and calming.

Urbivore All-Natural Cork Yoga Mat
Energetically this mat helps express my practice. Its tactile properties and its visual attractiveness will draw you deeper into your own practice.

Four Sigmatic
Have you tried introducing functional mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs to support your energy, stamina, immunity, and overall health? This brand of products are well-sourced, well-extracted, and convenient – I just add them into my smoothies or hot drinks based on the boost I’m after.

Klean Kanteen Insulated Bottles
I carry a few insulated bottles with me every day. Klean Kanteen makes great ones that keep my cold drinks cold, even if I leave it in my car on a hot day and they also keep my hot drinks hot for hours. This allows me to prepare drinks at home and take them with me on when I leave my home for up to 16 hour days on the go.

Life Factory Glass Bottles
Staying hydrated is an important goal of mine, and hopefully one of yours too. I like that life factory bottles are made of glass protected by a silicone sleeve. Best we all avoid plastic as much as possible!

The Big Carrot
With two locations, this Toronto grocery store has everything to offer for your kitchen, but I rely on them for their prepared meals, including BIORAW Salads and their juice and smoothie bar – everything is organic and the service and convenience is appreciated too. The Danforth location has a beautiful rooftop space where you can sit and enjoy your food and drink and escape some of the city noise.

Nature’s Emporium Newmarket
This is my preferred place to shop to stock my kitchen – and a great place for breakfast, lunch and dinner with hot and cold “buffets” and hundreds of prepared food and drink options with an indoor and outdoor seating area. They also offer a full selection of supplements and body care with very knowledgeable staff.